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Fishing Made Simple
  1. Finesse Fishing and Hook Selection

     Do It With Finesse

    A variety of conditions from cold weather to fishing pressure can lead fish to behave sluggishly or timidly.  Finesse fishing tactics are often employed in these situations. Finesse fishing is particularly effective when fish are less active or less aggressive. Coaxing a bite out of a spooked or lethargic fish is a fun challenge and requires skill and patience. It also requires high quality, reliable tackle--particularly hooks. Hooks are especially important when bites are few and far between or are soft and timid. Imagine finally getting a fish to slap at a bait in heavily pressured water only for the hook to not set? It's frustrating to say the least. High quality, American made hooks are an insurance policy on the time, skill, and effort it takes to get a fish to bite because there's a greater chance the hook sinks on those rare or lighter b

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  2. Stuck at Home? Pour Your Own Fish Magnet

    Stuck at Home? Pour Your Own Fish Magnet

    It's the time of year when the itch to get out on open water can be almost unbearable. Still, many of us are stuck at home. So what's an avid angler to do when that fishing is on the brain but there's no way to satisfy the urge?


    Pour Your Own Jig or Spinner Bait

    Pouring your own jig/lure is a great way to become intimately acquainted with your tackle and the fish you're chasing. Investing time and energy into creating the perfect jig or lure provides the opportunity to customize your tackle to a specific body of water, your technique, or the preferences of fish on your home lake that you've learned through trial and error over time. It gives you the opportunity to create something the market may not offer, and that can land more fish when the time comes. Catching a personal best on a jig or lure you've created yourself brings a satisfaction that's hard to beat. In addition, it often affords you the opportunity to craft

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  3. Ice Fishing Season Is Right Around The Corner

    Ice Shelter The leaves are falling. The air is crisp. There are suddenly 7,000 different ways to get a daily dose of pumpkin spice. And to fisherman around the country, all of this can only mean one thing… ice fishing season is right around the corner. With the temperature dropping and ice beginning to creep across your favorite bodies of water, it can be easy to get antsy.  Prepping and upgrading gear now will help to alleviate the ice fishing itch and ensures that when the time finally comes, you are one of the first out on the ice.

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  4. National Fishing and Boating Week - June 2nd - June 10th, 2018

    National Fishing and Boating Week Graphic 

    It's National Fishing & Boating Week! Have you ever wanted to try fishing? Or, is there someone you know who has been interested in learning how to fish? Well, this is the perfect time to get out on the water! This is a national event from June 2 - June 10th where most states offer anglers the opportunity to fish on public water without a fishing license. More information for you specific s

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  5. What Fishhook Do You Need?

    Hook Style

    About This Hook


    This hook has a slightly squared round bend. The extra width between the point and shank of the aberdeen makes them the perfect for baiting with minnows. It’s light wire avoids excessive puncturing, which helps to keep live bait alive and swimming longer. Eagle Claw aberdeens are specifically tempered to bend before breaking, making them idea for fishing in brushy water for panfish and crappie. Aberdeens also work great for ice fishing.

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  6. Introduction

    Welcome to Fishing Made Simple, your one-stop resource for fishing education.  Over the course of the last 90 years, our small, family-owned company has grown into a globally-recognized organization. We now have five unique brands that encapsulate every aspect of angling.  From drilling holes in Minnesota ice, to trolling for yellowfin in the Bahamas, we’ve done it all! And we want to share our knowledge of fishing with you.

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    Fishing has been around since the dawn of time. Everyone obviously knows what it is, but how do you get started? Where do you go? What if you run into some kind of unforeseen issue on your fishing journey? That’s why we created Fishing Made Simple, a free supply of fishing and outdoor knowledge for all prospective anglers.

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